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Wake up to more direct bookings

Your morning coffee session with Patryk and Clara, gear up for the upcoming high season with strategic insights and creative solutions, ahead of time.

Watch our online event in partnership with The Hotels Network.

With tailored solutions crafted for the UK market, explore how hotels and resorts can enhance guest experiences while maximising revenue.

Learn about planning strategies, creative offerings, revenue optimisation,
and guest satisfaction techniques tailored for the peak season rush.

profitroom x thn

What we've cover

Understanding Market Dynamics: Exploring the significance of market analysis and research.

Strategic Planning for Success: Early planning and forecasting to optimise revenue potential


Tailoring Experiences: Guest segmentation and how it drives personalised offerings

Elevating the Experience: Package deals featuring special events, exclusive activities, and add-ons to enhance guest stays.

Forge Exclusive Relationships: The power of partnerships and exclusive collaborations


Meet your presenters:


Patryk Luszcz (2)

Patryk Luszcz

UK Regional Director at Profitroom
Clara thn (1)

Clara Tourme

UK & Ireland Market Manager at The Hotels Network
Shani - Troo

Shani Grisdale

Head of Revenue at Troo Hospitality

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